Frequently Asked Questions

When will I notice that it works?
That is different for everyone. Some children already notice a difference after a few days and in others, it takes a little longer up to a few months.
I get dizzy when I listen to an exercise. What should I do.
We advise you to do the exercises lying down, possibly with your eyes open. This feeling of dizziness usually fades away after a few days.
The abdominal pain was gone for a while, but has returned. What should I do?
It is possible that the abdominal pain will come back for a moment, for example when there is a lot of stress at school.  We know that if you keep practicing daily your belly usually improves soon again.
If I have an abdominal pain attack, the exercises do not work.
It is important to practice every day so that the attacks occur less frequently and less severe and then one day you will notice that the exercises also work during attacks or that you don’t have any attacks anymore.
I constantly forget to do my exercises
It can help, for example, to put a reminder in your phone or to put a note on your bed.
Can my brother / sister / father / mother also listen to the exercises?
That is allowed. Many people experience a positive effect, also when they don’t have abdominal pain. Many people, for example, sleep better after listening to the exercises.
We didn’t receive a link to download the exercises

First check your spamfolder. Maybe the email with the download link is in there. If not, send us an email, so we can send you the link again: