10 -15% of the world’s children suffer from abdominal pain – too many! Our research reveals that listening to self-hypnosis recordings helps more than 70% of children. Using self-hypnosis also reduces medical and psychological visits, improves quality of life, increases school attendance, self-confidence — and even sleep improves!


Abdominal pain is troublesome and annoying

By missing school, not playing sports or being with friends, abdominal pain impacts many parts of children’s lives. This ongoing pain is caused by irritable bowels. Genetic predisposition, personality traits and home or school stress can play a role in irritable bowel syndrome. Listening to hypnosis recordings can help these children.

Hypnosis at home is a great solution

US & Dutch results prove that this home-based treatment is very effective.
Listening daily for 3 months to 1 of 5 short hypnosis recordings resulted in dramatically reduced abdominal pain in most children, with some reporting no pain at all!
5 years later over 85% of the children were still happy with their results.